How to write the perfect methods section

What will you learn?

  1. The importance of a well-written methods section
  2. The basic flow when planning the methods section
  3. How to structure individual elements in the methods section
  4. Main techniques to write an effective methods section
  5. How to avoid making critical errors in the methods section
  6. How to use a checklist and apply your learnings to showcase your methods

Course Description

A well-scripted methods sections lays the foundation for your research by outlining the different methods you used to derive your brilliant results. Your peers look for essential details on how to replicate the experiments of your study in this section, which is also what readers use to understand your research better.

This structured course covers all the basics of writing and structuring the methods section, including advice on common errors that most authors make and how to avoid them. Great for authors looking to enhance their technical writing skills, this comprehensive guide includes an assortment of interactive quizzes, easy-to-follow tips to structure and describe your methods effectively, and a handy checklist to ensure that your methods section is accurate and detailed.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: Let's begin with the basics!

Lecture 2: Structuring the Method section: What you should know

Lecture 3: Writing the methods section: Tips and guidelines

Lecture 4: Let’s do a quick recap!

Your Instructor

Editage Insights
Editage Insights

Editage Insights, a product of Editage, is a comprehensive multilingual learning and discussion platform through which researchers, authors, publishers, and academic societies globally can learn about all aspects of scholarly publishing, stay updated about the latest trends, share opinions, and seek and receive expert advice. Editage has a range of editorial and educational services designed to help with manuscript preparation for publication in professional medical, nursing, and allied health journals.

Course Curriculum

  Writing the Methods section: Tips and guidelines
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  Let's do a quick recap!
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