R Upskill experiential live edit of a research manuscript

An exclusive live edit of a research manuscript with strategies to deliver error-free submissions.

What will you learn?

  1. You will gain insights into what editors look for in a research manuscript
  2. You will understand the different sections of the manuscript
  3. You will experience the editing process through the eyes of an editor
  4. You will discover what to include in specific sections of your manuscript


Preparing manuscripts that adhere to strictly stipulated guidelines and getting your work published in established journals can be a challenge, not just for early-career researchers but also for seasoned authors. Watch and listen to a medical editor, who has edited/reviewed and formatted manuscripts for submission to top journals as she does a detailed live edit of an actual manuscript by walking you through its various sections. In this 60 minute certified experiential session, Rebecca Ambrose, a BELS-certified editor who has reviewed/edited over 4000 papers, will walk you through an actual manuscript, focus on errors that could have been avoided, and give you tips and guidelines to enhance the overall readability of the manuscript.

Course Curriculum

  R Upskill experiential live edit of a research manuscript
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Your Instructor

Rebecca Ambrose
Rebecca Ambrose

Rebecca Ambrose has been a medical editor at Editage for 6 years and has headed two editorial teams (Allied Healthcare and Cancer Research). A BELS-certified editor, Rebecca is responsible for training, mentoring, and managing editorial quality and has worked with researchers from more than 15 countries, including authors from South Korea, Japan, and China. She has conducted over 25 workshops and editorial consultation sessions across 14 universities, institutes, and hospitals in Korea on academic writing and publishing for graduate, post-graduate, and doctorate students. She has reviewed, formatted and edited 4,000+ research manuscripts for submission to top journals such as Nature, Scientific Reports, Science, The Lancet, The British Medical Journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, BMC journals, and Plos One.

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