Predatory Publishing

In-depth Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Predatory Publishing Practices

What will you learn?

  • How to identify a predatory journal?
  • Understand the history and context of predatory publishing?
  • How to avoid tricks plaid by unethical publishers?
  • How to put in place an ethical publication strategy?

Course description

The Predatory Publishing course from R Upskill is aimed at postgraduate students, early career scholars and research integrity officers who are interested in understanding, identifying and avoiding predatory journals. Completing the course will enable delegates to put into place an effective strategy to optimise their research and publication objectives, enhancing the position of both themselves and their institutions.

Your Instructor

Simon Linacre
Simon Linacre

Simon Linacre is an author and experienced publishing professional, who was until recently Marketing Director at Cabells, where he focused on growing international markets and publication ethics. He is passionate about helping authors get published and has delivered over a hundred talks globally, sharing essential publication advice for researchers.

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