Important First Steps To Do A Practical Research

What will you learn?

  1. Research proposal - Introduction
  2. How to choose a topic for your research
  3. Outline a purpose statement
  4. To find and cite your sources

Course Description

Your topic is the stepping stone of your research, and one of the first things to determine when initiating your study. It is key to creating a framework of a multitude of key steps, each taking a considerable amount of time, effort and resources. Then, of course, comes the important question of what is the ideal process to follow to put you and your research on the path to success.

This training course is designed to support the first three chapters of your research proposal. It teaches you how to confidently draft a research topic, decide upon a credible research title, and formulate a problem statement that will demonstrate how your research will contribute to the body of knowledge in your field. This course will help you fit everything together to create a compelling manuscript and lead you in the right direction to achieve your research goal.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: Introduction to the course

Lecture 2: Course learning outcomes

Lecture 3: Develop your research topic

Lecture 4: Introduction to a research title

Lecture 5: Create an interesting newspaper headline

Lecture 6: Complete a newspaper headline

Lecture 7: Combine research topic and newspaper headline

Lecture 8: Construct a problem statement

Lecture 9: Creating your purpose statement

Lecture 10: How to find and cite your sources in your research paper

Lecture 11: Final thoughts

Your Instructor

Dr. Eugene Matthews
Dr. Eugene Matthews

Hello, I'm Dr. Eugene Matthews. Before I became a Criminal Justice Professor, I was first a Criminal Justice Professional. I'm a retired Special Agent from the US Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID), and I absolutely enjoy sharing the techniques and tools that helped me be successful throughout my career.

I'm confident that when you apply the training I share, you'll achieve success. And since my courses are designed to walk alongside you while you learn, you get a chance to apply what you're learning even before you complete your course.
What better proof can you ask for than success as you learn!

I look forward to seeing you in the course room.

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