How To Write A Research Manuscript? Publication Coach

What will you learn?

  1. Planning and creating a structure for your manuscript
  2. Writing in the IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion) format
  3. Getting the tense, voice, captions, sensitivity, and paraphrasing right
  4. Choosing an appropriate title for your research manuscript
  5. Writing an effective abstract for your manuscript
  6. Using the right keywords to highlight your research work
  7. Enhancing your manuscript’s credibility by citing sources with care

Course Description

Submitting a quality manuscript begins by writing a quality manuscript. This program does a deep dive into the key elements of a manuscript, from the IMRAD structure to the references, and tells you how to write each section to most effectively present your study. It also shows you how to craft an appropriate title and abstract for your manuscript to gain the attention of potential readers. Additionally, the program ensures that even while you write effectively, you are writing for sensitivity. This optimally paced micro-learning program, delivered straight to your email inbox, will help you deliver a quality manuscript to the journal, thus improving its chances for consideration, and acceptance.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: An overview of the manuscript structure and writing order

Lecture 2: Starting right with the Introduction

Lecture 3: Writing a detailed Methods section

Lecture 4: Writing an effective Results section

Lecture 5: Writing a comprehensive Discussion section

Lecture 6: Ending well with the Conclusion

Lecture 7: Crafting the right title for your manuscript

Lecture 8: Creating the abstract for your manuscript

Lecture 9: Writing for sensitivity

Lecture 10: Getting the keywords right

Lecture 11: Getting the references, citations, and acknowledgments right

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Thank you very much for your very nice and useful tips. I learned many issues from your tips. It was always helpful for me. I used Editage language service twice. Also satisfied with the service.

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Your Instructor

Aparna Ayyar
Aparna Ayyar

Senior Writer & Editor. Aparna has been writing and editing content for various mediums including websites, magazines and coffee table books. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and is deeply passionate about reading. Her interest lies in current events and she loves reading about the latest research and experiments in science and technology.

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