How To Write A Grant Proposal For Research? Writing A Grant Proposal

What will you learn?

  1. How to present your path-breaking research to secure a grant
  2. How to write a persuasive proposal that showcases your research
  3. Must-have elements in a grant proposal, including deciding budgets
  4. The dos and don’ts to increase your chance of funding success


Securing funding and grants are an integral part of research success, but writing a persuasive grant application can be tricky. How should you go about writing your grant proposal? What should you do before you begin writing? Which aspects of your innovative research project should you mention in your grant proposal? This program will help you master the important skill of grant-writing to secure funding for your research project!

Designed as a step-by step guide, this program will answer your questions and ensure you have all the help you need to write a convincing grant proposal. You will learn how to highlight the importance, relevance and potential impact of your study to funding bodies. The program also offers tips, examples and a checklist to help you plan and write your grant proposal in a well-structured manner, including advice on the dos and don’ts to increase your chances of securing a grant. Through this program, you will not only learn how to write a winning grant proposal that convinces grant committees to fund your project, you will also know more about the process and what to expect.

What topics will you cover?

Lecture 1: Establish clear relevance to the funding agency

Lecture 2: Make your proposal persuasive

Lecture 3: Eliminate unnecessary jargon

Lecture 4: Adhere to the sponsor’s guidelines

Lecture 5: Final checklist

Your Instructor

Aparna Ayyar
Aparna Ayyar

Senior Writer & Editor. Aparna has been writing and editing content for various mediums including websites, magazines and coffee table books. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and is deeply passionate about reading. Her interest lies in current events and she loves reading about the latest research and experiments in science and technology.

Course Curriculum

  How To Write A Grant Proposal For Research? Writing A Grant Proposal
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