How to write a fellowship

Helping postdocs and late stage PhDs build fantastic personal fellowship applications

What will you learn?

  1. You will discover if the fellowship is right for you
  2. You will learn if the timing is right for you
  3. You will know what is asked for in the application
  4. You will learn about the 3Ps and why they matter
  5. You will learn how the process works

Course Description:

We often hear statements like "You need a fellowship to move on in your career", "A fellowship is the next logical step" and "Jo took a fellowship there and then moved into a lectureship". Fellowships can certainly boost your academic research career but how do we start, write and apply? If you are thinking of a personal research fellowship this course will cover finding the right fellowship, application basics and then the focus on person, project and place that is essential to get right for a fellowship. Finally we touch on submitting that application and what to do when you are called for interview.

Your Instructor

Dr. Emma Williams
Dr. Emma Williams

Hello! I'm Emma.

I love coffee. I love science. And I love working with early career researchers to help them get the very best out of their careers.
Poacher turned game keeper? I have certainly been there and worn the lab coat! I enjoy the challenge of working with sparky, bright people which is why I have worked in and around universities as a researcher, staff developer and consultant for over 25 years. At ease with both STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) researchers and those in professional services, I have worked with universities in the UK and overseas. I am a co-author of "What every postdoc needs to know" aimed at those experiencing the tricky early career research years.
I have drawn all my experience together as a facilitator, coach, consultant and women's development trainer to create UNIque - a programme for university women and the Successful Researcher Roadmap online courses.

Course Curriculum

  How do you find the right fellowship?
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