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Stay at home & upskill learning program - A pack of 6 handpicked courses designed for researchers by researchers!

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We’ve put together a specially designed program, so you can stay indoors and still have access to the best resources out there. Not just this, we are also giving this for FREE till the 30th of April.

With its comprehensive learning and practical application, this program is all you need to stay ahead of the game and hone your research writing skills.

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Program Content:

Course 1: Learn the IMRAD structure with modules on:

  • Structuring a manuscript in the IMRAD format
  • The purpose of each section, and,
  • How to write the different sections of the IMRAD structure

Course 2: How to conduct a literature search and review

A comprehensive literature search helps you provide context, relevance and background to your research problem. Master this with:

  • The techniques for evaluating information sources
  • The methods for drafting a comprehensive literature review
  • Online search techniques
  • Help on how to use the internet and other formal and informal channels to obtain information

Course 3: An overview of the peer review process

This course designed for your career development covers:

  • The purpose and importance of peer review
  • Types of peer reviews
  • The peer review process
  • Limitations and the future of peer review

Course 4: Learn about final checks and revisions before manuscript submission

We know journal submission is tricky, and to help cover all basics, our course will help you:

  • Understand and anticipate the expectations of readers and reviewers
  • With a process for self-review of the first draft
  • Prepare for the reviewing structure for a scientific paper
  • Understand the importance of feedback

Course 5: Understanding citations and references

There are as many sources as there are reference materials out there. We bring it all in one place that needs just 2 hours to ensure you are covered. This extensive guide will help you:

  • Learn the parts of a citation
  • Explain the difference between citation styles for articles and books
  • Introduce you to citation styles for sources other than books

Safeguard your research paper by adhering to the basic guidelines outlined in this course.

Course 6: How to avoid plagiarism

We get it, you want to clearly and successfully distinguish between your ideas and the borrowed ideas on which your research conclusions are based. Our course is designed to:

  • Acquaint you with different types of plagiarism
  • Understand reasons for, and discover ways to avoid plagiarism
  • Cover the basics of paraphrasing

The course will also help with examples of plagiarism to help you evaluate and safeguard your paper.

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R Upskill

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Courses Included with Purchase

How To Do Literature Search And Review Effectively?
R Upskill
IMRAD Format Research: Master The IMRAD Format For Publication Success
R Upskill
What Is Plagiarism And How To Avoid It? How To Prevent Plagiarism?
R Upskill
How To Provide Correct Citations And References For Your Research
R Upskill
How To Check And Revise Your Manuscript Before Final Submission
R Upskill
Peer Review Process: A Step By Step Guide
R Upskill

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